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Haul &Review| Colourpop November 2016 Batch


It's an American brand which many (in America) have at least 3 in their makeup pouch.
This brand is, not only affordable but also, a cruelty-free brand.

All their products are not "dry", which means that they are either cream-like, gel-like or liquid-like.
I.e.: All their palettes are not powder-formed, something that I realised only after using it.

Here's a list of what I've bought:

Carry on (Bronzer)
Suitable for people with slightly darker skin tone than those who are fair-skinned.
This one is matte.

I Spy (Eyeshadow)
The colour shade is a little bit orangey-peachy.
It has some shimmer in it.
Doesn't really show much colour on my lids tho..

Lunch Money (Highlighter)
Shimmery glow. You only need a bit of this to pop your cheeks.
I do believe that every 1 unit of bronzer, only 1/3 of highlighter is needed, that is, when you use their highlighter as reference. It's just so.. colour-full.

Lax (Ultra Matte Lip)
Brownish-red hue that only looks slightly reddish under sunlight.
It also has a bit of purple hue in other lighting.
It dries out on your lip fairly quickly.. though I'm not sure how messy it will be if you're heading to a lunch/dinner with this.

Creature (Lippie)
Brown-ish hue that does not suit people with my skin tone.
(!!!!! :   You are warned.)
(This warning applies to Lax as well)
Application is... normal. Nothing special about this.

Here's two swatches for the lip products:

Creature Lippie:

Lax Ultra Matte:

Here's also a sped-up gif of Lax drying up.
It dries up somewhere around a minute or two.

Disclaimer: If a product is waterproof/smudgeproof, it shall not be affected by that feature when it comes to makeup removing. This means that they should be efficiently removed by any makeup remover with ease. It is very important to clean off every trace of makeup. At the same time, it should also be waterproof, where it shall not be affect by water during most of the time.

Here's what I feel about the makeup-removing part:
- Hard to remove
- Messy
- Time Consuming

Final thoughts:
Colourpop really pops my mind when it comes to their colour consistency as well as the amount of product for the amount of price. These products are great but I wanna emphasize on the lip products.

First of, I love the matte formula. Love it, especially when the colour has high coverage levels. However, it's gives me the feeling that it has high levels of chemicals as well, regarding the staining part. I had my friend's green Colourpop gloss on the back of my arm one time, it did not come off after a few days. (Mind you, I shower every day, wash my hands everyday lololol). For this alone, I'm not so, so, so much of a fan for their lip products.

Then, I hate the colours. They looked much more red-ish on their pictures but irl it has more brown hue. The colours made me look like I put poop on my lips, for real. That's how bad the colour looks like, on my lips. I'd change it if I could but it's not worth it when I gotta send it back all the way to California. I'm not crazy enough to pay for that much of a shipping fee.

For other products though, I love em very much.The colours, the packaging.
But I wanna emphasize on the part where they 'melt' easily(?)
Malaysia is very hot, so you might wanna keep them in a place where it's cool enough.
I'm also not a big fan on the cream-like consistency. It also feels like there's a lot of air in it(?)
Huh.. maybe I'm wrong.. but here's the most important question:

Will I buy again?

.. only when there's sales. Hah!

Tips for new-buyers:

- Colourpop do provide swatch-pictures for reference. Try refrain from buying that particular product when there's no swatch-pictures available. Look at the mid-skin-tone ones if you have Asian skin tone.. unless you're exceptionally fair for an Asian.

- Pictures do look different. Unless you're getting white or black, always be aware of colour differences. In my case, especially those that are darker shades.

- There's a specific amount that you shouldn't buy over if you're shipping it to overseas. Don't wanna get custom-taxed, do you?

- International shipping is $50! (Didn't get taxed so I guess this amount is safe enough lolol)

- I heard that eyeliner and brow liners are kinda small, in terms of width.

- Based on our experience, having a Buy-$80-Free-4-Highlighter promotion is much more worthy than 20% Off Discounts.

That's all for this post!

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