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Dear Santa Althea: My Christmas Wishlist!

Dear Santa Althea,

I promise you that I've been a nice girl.
I love my family, I love my dogs, I love my friends and I love my neighbours too.
Would you give me a box of Christmas Goodies, pretty please?

I promise you that I won't ask for too much but just these:
Mr Santa Althea, I've been using the Daiso Brush Cleanser.
My pretty brushes doesn't feel new anymore after using it.
So I asked Ms Althea if she has something to clean the brushes and she showed me this.
It has Thorny Bamboo Extract that contains antibacterial effect.
At the same time, it has conditioning components from the White Willow Peel Extract.
Both of which are great for my brushes!
(Pssst, she also told me that this can be used on sponges!)

Witch's Pouch's Get it Dual Brow Pencilcara in Natural Brown
Mr Santa Althea, I've bought this pencilcara before but mine is finishing off real soon.
This eyebrow pencil has been the best one I've every used.
It has a brow pencil lead and a brow mascara on both ends.
The colour Natural Brown does blend into my brows really well.
The wand also has a perfect size for any brows and it is better than the brow mascara I've gotten from Etude House. That one has a huge wand and it's hard to use without smudging everywhere.

Also, Mr Santa Althea, this one is waterproof. I tried to use water to rub it off.
It didn't come off. It was really a stubborn one... but it rubs off well with makeup remover.

Also, Mr Santa Althea. I want to try to make my own cushion foundation.
So, I need a foundation to start with it.

I found this
Banila Co's Prime Primer Fitting Foundation in BP15
I has primer in it, which also helps to cover up blemishes and dark circles naturally.
This magically bottle also has dry-fit technology in it which controls excess sebum, making the foundation to last longer than ever!

I always hear people say that it's better to hit two birds with one stone rather than just one bird with it.
Is this what it means, Mr Santa Althea?

I also want to put some brightener and moisturiser into the mixture.
seems to be the most suitable choice because it is for people with sensitive and awfully dry skin.

Doctor Skin told me I have bad, bad eczema. 
So I have to be careful with the products I'm using.
But Ms Althea told me that this one can block moisture evaporation while intensely moisturising my skin! This is because there are ceramid, hyalyronic acid, aloe vera leaf and soluble collagen in it.
In the meantime, it acts like a brightener too!

Witch's Pouch's Selfie Awesome Gel Liner in Pearl Brown
On the other hand, I wanted to get an eyeliner that can resist oil and water.
Ms Althea told me that this one has 24 hours of persistence!
The best part is that, at the end of the eyeliner, there's a sharpener and a brush!
This means that I don't have to carry too much while walking in the jungle to grandma's house!
I could also use this as eyeshadow too by using the brush at the end of the liner.
How wonderful is this!

Lastly, I've been hearing rumours about how marvellous 3CE's loose powder can be!
I feel so curious to try this out.. at the same time, I didn't want to use compact powder.

My sister had let me tried her Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder but.. I wanted something that can moisturise my skin at the same time.
So, I asked Ms Althea and she suggested this!

Dear, dear Santa Althea,

I really hope that you can grant me this wish.
I promise you that I'll be a good, good girl again.


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