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Take a Look| Monash University Malaysia 20th Anniversary!

Monash had their 20th Anniversary Birthday Bash on the 17th of March 2018 and they had invited everyone - whether you're a student or not - to join the celebration on that night along with Open Day & Postgraduate Preview and Monash Family Day during daytime. 

I pretty much skipped the daytime events and only joined the nighttime one so all my pictures are kinda dark.

By the way, the stage that they had set up was really good with all the sound system and the lighting system. It's also tall enough for people at the back to see.

Since Monash was the one to host the event rather than the student association themselves, they've had (got higher budget and) invited Bate and Sonaone to the party as well as 1Malaysia Drum Symphony.

The audiences got together in front of the stage around 7:30pm, waiting for more performances.

I wasn't clear about how many people attended but I do think that there were at least 300 people around the front section of the audience crowd. I've also seen some people climbing onto their friend's shoulders (a guy climbed onto his bro's shoulders and the guy at the bottom was jumping high so hard, the guy on top almost fell). 

There were also bouncy beds for the kids to play around during the daytime and once the sky turned darker, the staffs immediately cleared off the bouncy beds to save space for more crowd to linger around.

In this LED-roof tent, you'll find all sorts of local food available for you to grab for free and they tasted so delicious!

I found a stall with popcorn available! (Didn't get to try because the line was long)

There was also a candy floss station! (Also didn't get to try because the line was extra long)

There were also a lot of spring rolls that were crispy and it was so tasty, I feel guilty every time I approached the stall just to grab a cup. Also, I feel that they should've put more inside each cups so that I wouldn't need to take again and again. That could save wasting cups too.

Right next to this stall, they had beehun available.

There was also satay! They served chicken satay only, I think. It was amazing, juicy and tender. Same thing with the spring rolls, I felt bad for taking lots of it hahahhah

Right beside this stall was the apam balik station. They served thin-skinned, crispy, sweet and juicy apam balik. Everyone lined up again after eating this and my friends couldn't stop praising how good they were. 

This stall had hot dogs and burgers but I didn't get to try because I feel like a giant eater if I take any. But this guy came by and colonized the stall for a bit.

After finding out that I was taking pictures of him, he gestured me to take again so that he could do a peach sign. Funny guy hahahah

At the foyer, there was also a photo booth for everyone to take pictures and take them home. One down part about this was that some people kinda suck at queuing up. They kept cutting queue and messed up the order, which made the lady at the counter to miss our photos and we've waited over 30 minutes not because of the photo booth's fault.

Here's our picture! Kinda blurry irl but even more blurry when I blurred out other people's faces for their own privacy. I thought the photo would be smaller but hey, it's surprisingly not.

Going back to the stage because it was time to cut the cake! Before actually cutting the cake, MC Ram and MC Nc gave out free shirts to the audience. 

Then we proceeded to count down the cake-cutting time with the VVIPs!

When the time was up, it was time to sing the birthday song!
(The video is at the top of this blog post)

Before the birthday bash ends, they had an awesome DJ to hype up the atmosphere and everyone near the stage had fun feeling the vibe.

By the way, there was also a good bag filled with freebies! This freebie bag was probably the only bag I feel proud to hold around because the quality is exceptionally good. Unlike other cheap-arse freebie bags, this one here has a small pouch at the side for you to put other things.

Inside the bag: Monash 20th Anniversary badge & carsticker, Monash Merch pen, coupons from myBurgerLab & Simply Ribs, Sunsilk sample bottle and packs of Lipton tea.

That's all for this post! Sorry I couldn't type much because I have lots of assignments on hand so this is all from me! Read more and see more official photos here: Celebrating 20 years!

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