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Review| NYX Pump it Up Lip Plumper in Liv (PIU03)

Funny story:
I was looking for a clear lipgloss and the only "clear" "lipgloss" available in the entire NYX store was this. I thought that, by lip plumper, it means that it's gonna make your lips look juicy thicc because of the glossiness but I didn't know that it's actual irl-photoshop plumper. 

Gosh, I felt stupid.


Pump it up (Lip Plumper) in LIV [PIU03]

RM35 | 8ml / 0.27 fl. oz.

I had the privilege to be a VVIP to participate the event of NYX Professional Makeup's Third Store Opening Ceremony in Sunway Pyramid on the 1st of February and they were so generous because they gave discounts the first 200+ customers! This one here is one of the products that I've gotten and do check out my haul at the bottom of this post!

There isn't really much information on this thing. Not many descriptions and such. I also couldn't find any instructions to use it, like, do I apply it like a sleeping mask? Or, do I apply this underneath the lipstick before heading out for a date???? How exactly do you wear this?????? 

 Upon reading reviews from some online marketplaces, I assume that you wear this thing on top of your coloured lips? But wouldn't that transfer colour to the wand then? Nah-uh. No Bueno. I don't like to 'dirty' the wand and transfer the colour into the tub. So I'm not gonna do that.

The lipgloss has a very thick consistency, almost glue-like. A little tacky to apply. Not sticky but tacky. After applying it (on bare lips), the minty and tingling sensation starts. If you smack your lips together, it does feel like a slight electricity zap on your numbed skin. It has a mild glossy finish so if you're a matte-craz, this isn't for you, hunn.

What's the Verdict?

Ehm. Does it plump my lips? It's a good question. I feel like it did, but visually, I can't tell how much? I mean, I could see the wrinkly lines are less visible but they're still there, ya know what I'm saying? Also, it doesn't make my lips look ridiculously out of portion after 'plumping' it. It doesn't give me luscious lips like Lupita Nyong'o's too. The wearing process is quite mundane as well. I wouldn't apply this after putting on lipstick unless I use a reusable/disposable applicator but I'm a lazy person, so I'd rather wear this plumper over my bare lips instead.

The tingly sensation doesn't last the entire wearing process. It wore off after 10-15 minutes. I suppose after 10-15 min, all that's left is the glossy-tacky sensation. (Perhaps getting a lip gloss wouldn't disappoint so much.) By the way, some people in the review sections mentioned that the tingling sensation is too strong for them, they said it made their lips "on fire". They've also mentioned that the other colour ranges don't actually give out colours. The plumpers came out clear instead.

It was a decent experience to try this product but I don't see myself repurchasing it. No comments on whether I would recommend you to try or nah.

Check out my other haul!

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