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Review| NYX Powder Puff Lippie in Puppy Love (PPL02)


Powder Puff Lippie (Lip Cream) in Puppy Love [PPL02]
RM38 | 12ml / 0.4 fl. oz.

I had the privilege to be a VVIP to participate the event of NYX Professional Makeup's Third Store Opening Ceremony in Sunway Pyramid on the 1st of February and they were so generous because they gave discounts the first 200+ customers! This one here is one of the products that I've gotten and do check out my haul at the bottom of this post!

NYX said: "Pucker up and powder your pout! Featuring a pillowy cushion-applicator, our new Powder Puff Lippie Powder Lip Cream goes on mousse-y and sets to a powdery soft finish. Achieve a flush of colour in eight vibrant shades—from warm peach to true red, and hot pink to cool plum—for an irresistible, just-kissed look."

This lippie is a 12ml product that has a sleek body and matte packaging. It's actually pretty nice to hold it hahaha

The colour is in PPL02 aka Puppy Love or Amore D'Adolescent in French hahaha. I really do love this name, especially in French. It fits this colour so dang welllllll!

The applicator is a cotton tip. It looks very soft and fluffy. It feels very soft and fluffy. <3 <3

Here's a closer look:

So what you do before applying is to squeeze out a small amount of the product, which will transfer to the tip of the applicator, and then you apply it onto your lips. 

When I say a small amount, I don't mean the amount I squeezed out as shown here. (Honestly, I couldn't see how much I've squeezed out when I was recording it. I'm that blind haha )

Look at that creamy consistency: 

So you apply it like how you would with a lipstick. Here's a colour comparison with my own lip colour. 

The colour stands out quite a lot and I was surprised when I looked at myself in the mirror after recorded the GIF below. 'Cuz I wasn't really expecting it to be so bright hahaha



Full lips:

 Full lips:



The texture of the lippie feels, just as NYX had said, powdery, moussey and lightweight. However, I do find that this product can be quite drying. Not as dry as Colourpop's Ultra Matte of course but you may experience a little chappiness after applying this to your lips. Also, I don't recommend using lipgloss afterwards as it may be a little patchy after applying it too.

What's the Verdict?

I had a product called It's My Bong that has the same application as this but without the squeezable body. It was a lip tint from Korea that was selling at RM24 on Althea. Honestly, I find this product much much better than that.

The overall texture is fine, just that I might need to moisture my lips more often because I tend to get chapped lips easily. But for RM38, this product stays longer than the lip tint I've mentioned. That lip tint goes away too easily. Pretty sure that's not what a lip tint should do. It also has a weird smell and this Powder Puff doesn't have a weird smell.

On the other hand, this lippie has a much better formula than their Soft Matte Lip Cream. I find the Soft Mattes too sheer for my liking. The colours are too solid too. The Powder Puff series has much softer colours that are way more acceptable than the Soft Mattes. Kudos for creating a new line with better colours, NYX!

So, will I repurchase? Absolutely. But I'd like to finish the lippies that I have first... zzz. The amount of lippies that I have exceeds the amount that I really need. Will I recommend this to everyone? You betcha! But I won't recommend this colour to everyone except those with superb fair skin. I find this one a little too bright for those with slightly darker skin. Try Squad Goals! It's at the same colour range but a little darker ^^

That's all for this post!!

Check out my other haul!

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