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Review & Giveaway| Eglips Lively Lip Rouge in [101] Deep Porcelain & [107] Midnight Lover

Eglips Lively Lip Rouge
이글립스 라이블리 립루즈

Deep Porcelain & Midnight Lover
딥포슬린 & 미드나잇러버
₩5,800 | 3.5ml (0.123oz)
Matte Finishing

"New concept matte lipstick that has a light texture like a feather."

"With sharp, intense colours.
It has all the comfort without dryness.
Velvet Matte Lipstick."

Genuine stickers are attached to the bottom of the boxes

Features (3)

  • Velvet Matte - A delicate, light texture. Fits perfectly and adheres well. Long lasting capability.
  • Bright Colour - Unique colour printing technology. Clear and bright colours presented. Sharp and luscious look for all occasion.
  • Moisturizing - Comfortable to wear, non-drying. Moisturizing effect of various vegetable oils. Provides pretty and healthy lips.


Deep Porcelain | 딥포슬린

Attractive Orange Brown

This shade is slightly towards the rosey side of the red. It's supposed to be a mixture of orange and brown, which doesn't sound attractive, but the colour outcome was actually amazing. It comes off more like a burgundy (in my opinion) than Midnight Lover (which was described as a burgundy). It has a muted tone and it is a buildable colour. Apply lesser to fit everyday makeup look, which is actually what I do. Apply more for a semi to full formal occasions. 

Apart from that, the packaging is pretty sleek and simple. It has a metallic look and the materials are made with mostly plastic and some light metal. The product has a weight to it and the cap gets scratched if you don't handle it gentle enough. Mine is scratched from moving around my bag which I drop it to the floor immediately when I enter my room. (I'm not the gentlest girl out there.)

The texture is considered to be creamy and it's pretty smooth. However, if your lips are awfully dry, then it may come out as patchy. The lines around my lips weren't smoothed out (personally, it's not an issue for me). Blending it out is pretty easy too.

Midnight Lover | 미드나잇러버

Wine Colour Graceful Burgundy

This colour is described as wine burgundy but the colour shade isn't as dark as I had hoped for it to be. However, (surprisingly), it fits my skin tone pretty well. I've tried many red lipsticks but nothing works as well as this one here. It fits semi-formal dating occasions well tho.

The length of the lipstick is decently enough. Since the colour payoff is strong enough already, this lipstick can last pretty long. Usually, I would only apply one swipe onto my inner lips then smudge it outwards and that would be enough.

Although it is not smudgeproof nor waterproof, it's actually doesn't transfer a lot to other surfaces. The most prominent would be the outlines of the lips but other than that, the transferring are pretty faint. However, when lipgloss is applied over it, the lipstick gets pretty transferable. 


Deep porcelain seems to be a best-seller and I wouldn't be surprised because it really looks amazing. Midnight lover, on the other hand, fits those who enjoy red shades. Apart from that, you can easily identify the orange shades within Deep Porcelain while comparing it with Midnight Lover.

Before and After

Photo credit: Nick from Yumerei. The photo was taken in studio light. A thin layer is applied.

Photo credit: Nick from Yumerei. The photo was taken in studio light. A thin layer is applied

The photo was taken in natural lighting. A thick layer is applied.

The photo was taken in natural lighting. Thick layer is applied.


Details above aside, tl; dr: This cream-matte lipstick does really surprise me with the colour shades and that it doesn't transfer much to another surface. The colour payoff is pretty strong too but this product can be pretty dry for those with super-dry lips. It's not smudgeproof and it doesn't smoothen the lines though. However, its price and packaging make the product look expensive with affordable price. 

It is suitable for everyday use (thin layer) and formal occasions (thick layer). It is small enough for you to bring around and tuck into your jeans' pockets. I can easily tuck it into my small purses too because it is short enough. However, the packaging can be scratched if it is not handled gently. 


Comfort: 🙆🙆🙆
Colour Payoff: ✨✨✨✨✨

Transfer-proof: 😕
Smudgeproof: 🙅🙅🙅
Durability: 🍧🍧🍧🍧
Price: 💰

Repurchase: Nyah, maybe?
Reason: This product can be easily substituted with other lip balm products and I would like to try other products that are made with different formulas too. So depending on the availability of substitutes, my decision to repurchase varies.



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1 x Lively Lip Rouge in 101 Deep Porcelain [Brand New]
1 x Lively Lip Rouge in 107 Midnight Lover [Brand New]
1 x 50Gram Florist 15% discount code


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  • I will not be liable for any damages caused by the courier company that was assigned to deliver the prizes to the winner. I'm also not a seller, I cannot proceed an exchange for you if the courier company damaged the palette.
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P.s.: I have more giveaways on the way. Yaaaaassssssss. 

Please admire the smoothness of the lipstick 💖


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