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Review | Wanderlust Unicorn & Harry-Potter Makeup Brushes

Unicorn Face Brush x Harry Potter Wand Eye Makeup Brush

Unicorn Face Brush

It's not a surprise that anything related to Unicorns can be a trend, such as highlighters, clothing, bags and even makeup brushes! One of the greatest hype of all is the Tarte's Unicorn makeup brush set. Of course, Tarte is a great but expensive brand so not many people can actually afford a set of those gorgeous brushes. However, Wanderlust has 2 different sets of unicorn makeup brushes that could satisfy you, which are the face set (5pcs) and eye set (10pcs).

Now I am an experienced online shopper, so, definitely, I'll check Taobao for the exact brush set and check out their prices (I did the same for the HP Wand Brushes too). Sure, Taobao is cheaper but are their quality better? Hard to tell. Despite everything, Wanderlust is a brand that guarantees their product quality because they always do quality check before shipping out. Now that is why it is worth so much. For Rm89.00, not only that you have kept yourself from shady sellers but you've also saved yourself from all the shipment troubles (especially if you want to return items but the process is complicated.)

These brushes are mainly for faces and since I'm not a frequent user of makeup brushes, I can't really differentiate the bigger ones. The smallest one is obviously contour brush haha.

This set includes:
powder brush, foundation brush, contour brush, highlight brush and blush brush

Let me know if I'm wrong but I'm really just assuming the names of the brushes now ;_;

Foundation Brush

8.5 inch
Extremely soft bristles

Powder Brush

8.5 inch
Extremely soft bristles

Contour/Blush Brush

7.5 inch
Mid-soft bristles

Contour/Blush Brush

7.5 inches
Mid-soft bristles

Contour Brush

7 inch
Medium-Hard Bristles

The bristles of these brushes are surprisingly very soft! It is almost as if they were harvested from a real unicorns :o The handles also have a certain texture which makes it nice to hold em. The entire set of brushes doesn't have that 'heavy weight' feeling that could turn the experience of using these brushes into a luxurious but the bristles alone are already a bonus.

While it's obvious that the handles are in pastel purple, the colours of the bristles aren't all pastels. Quite frankly, they have some ugly yellow in it. Definitely would be a lot better if there isn't yellow in it or if they've decided one colour for the whole thing. Simplistic is sometimes the best choice.

The whole set doesn't have the bulky feeling to it when you hold them together. What's more is that they look even more like a unicorn horn like this. (Possibly because the individual handles aren't 'fat' enough hahahha)

I thought of a little test to show you how each brushes work when you apply them with makeup onto your face (or skin). Basically, I'll be using foundation as my test material. I would avoid powdery materials because powder does not have a thick texture to it, thus it fails to show how each brushes would work when there is a higher level of friction.

Below is the demonstration for the test:

From the picture below, it is actually hard to see the results clearly but the main result is this:

- The smaller brushes have better results as the bristles are strong enough to withstand the friction caused by the thickness of the foundation's consistency. The end result is that they are consistent with the product's concealing coverage quality and the skin does not have any patchy effects.

-The larger brushes, on the other hand, have poorer results, showing inconsistent patches here and there. The bristles are not strong enough to allow the user to apply the makeup evenly on her/his face. The weak bristles could be resulted by the thickness of the bristles (too thin) and/or the length of the bristles (too long).

Below is the demonstration, showing how soft the larger brushes are:

Below is the demonstration, showing that the smaller brushes are much stiffer as compared:

After the test, I tried to wash the brushes but the metal part is easily stained and the water marks won't go away unless I wipe them. The foundation is also kinda hard to wash off... (I washed them a lot of times...)

That's all for the Unicorn Makeup Brushes!
Let's move on to the other set: Harry Potter Wand Makeup Brushes!


Wanderlust haul

I bought two things: A set of brushes and a necklace.

Harry Potter Eye Makeup Brush

Now, I gotta admit two things:
1. I love the idea of the HP world but I'm not a huge HP fan
2. The HP wands are for my friend's girlfriend.

But I got the permission to play with it so there we have it, a review but not exactly a review because its more like an unboxing section. Huehue. Anyway, the brushes do have a certain amount of weight on em, making them feel kinda luxurious. The bristles are not as soft as the Unicorn brushes but they are definitely stiffer (in the good way)

The packaging that it came from is just a plastic case. So nothing much about it.

The handles of these brushes are in the colour of gun-metal, which suits them very well. The size of the brushes are actually (and surprisingly) smaller than expected. Each set has a shader brush, tapered brush, blending brush, packing brush and liner/brow brush.

Left to right:
Hermoine Granger, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Voldemort, Albus Dumbledore

Honestly, while I was editing the photos below, I kept messing up because I have the associate each brush head to the wand haha. The easiest to remember is Hermoine's. Her's is a brow/liner brush.

Albus Dumbledore

Blending Brush


Shader Brush

Ron Weasley

Tapered Brush

Harry's Wand

Packing Brush

Hermoine Granger

Liner / Brow Brush

I had the opportunity to wash them and they are fairly easy to be washed. The handles doesn't have any water marks or stain on them after washing them.


Paw Necklace

I saw this in gold colour and my friend's birthday was coming so I decided to buy it for her. I mean, the "profit from this sale will go to SPCA Melaka and Shikin Team Animal Rescue (STAR)," and I wanted to help so. This is like, the perfect item to buy for her.

The necklace is all gold. I'm not sure about the length but the demo picture on the website made it looked kinda short. I haven't seen my friend wearing it so I'm not completely sure about it.

Wanderlust has more CatDog Charity items available in their website, feel free to check em out.

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  1. I just love the Harry Potter Makeup Brushes that you have written about here. I too own one of these and I love the quality because it is made up of metal, and they a a great novelty item.